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เอ็มที ฟู้ด ซิสเทมส์ บจก.


เอ็มที ฟู้ด ซิสเทมส์ บจก.
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Grasselli NSA 600

ชื่อสินค้า :Grasselli NSA 600
รหัสสินค้า :NSA600


Product Benefit
   - Slicing machine that cuts uniform parallel, slices with the Grasselli multi-blade cutting system
   - 610 or 1000 mm of useable width and minimum slice thickness of 3 mm (NSA 600) or 5 mm (NSA 1000) for fresh and cooked boneless meat
   - Totally automatic product infeed and outfeed for a TOTAL IN LINE solution
   - Slicing speed, height of slice chamber and product control pressure are all adjustable
   - Variety of blade profiles to maximise performance
   - Unique automatic blade tension system
   - Automatic self lubrication system
   - Optional QUICK BLADE CHANGE system to change the complete cutting set in just minutes
   - All major dynamic components are heat-treated to extend working life and reduce maintenance costs
   - Multiple belt texture options enables the NSA to be customised
    to specific products
   - Modern design with seamless welding and rounded edges to aid in efficient sanitation
   - Frame made entirely of tested and certificated stainless steel
   - No tools required to prepare for sanitation, or blade/slice set and belt change.
   - Motor, electrical control panel and drive mechanism easily accessed

Technical Data
Weight 880 / 1190 Kg
Motor power 4.6 / 6.5 Kw
Noise level 71 db
Working width 600 mm – 1000 mm
Operator control circuit 24 V
Minimum slicing pitch boneless meat 3 mm – 5 mm
Maximum product height 120 mm
Air consumption 20 l/min



*หัวข้อ : ขอข้อมูลสินค้ารหัส NSA600 Grasselli NSA 600
ถึง : เอ็มที ฟู้ด ซิสเทมส์ บจก.
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