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เอ็มที ฟู้ด ซิสเทมส์ บจก.


เอ็มที ฟู้ด ซิสเทมส์ บจก.
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ต. บางระมาด อ. ตลิ่งชัน จ. กรุงเทพมหานคร 10170
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Marelec Compact Grader

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Product Benefit
Since 1997, Marelec has been the pioneer in compact graders. This means: infeed, weighing and outfeed in one simple and robust solution. All of this guaranteeing the precision obtained by other classic graders. The patented Marelec solution leads the way in this field trough various batching and other outfeed from 2 till 8 stations combined left/right and in line.

    Vulnerable & small products
    Fishfillet (fresh or frozen)
    Frozen lobstertails

    Maximum product dimensions: 400 X 250mm, alternatively up to 600 X 450 mm
    100 adaptable programs
    Range: 0 – 1,5 kg, alternatively: 5 kg
    Precision: standard deviation 0-500 gr: 1.5 gr / 500-1500 gr: 3 gr
    Max. speed: 120 pcs/min
    Completely watertight

Grading to size and number

Technical Data
   - Construction: Stainless steel AISI 304, FDA approved food plastics
   - Conveyer belt: Grid polyethylene
   - Selection keyboard: Stainless steel IP67 with integrated electronics
   - Indicator: Marelec Z2 with UTP TCP/IP-connection
   - Power Supply: Single phase 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 800W
   - Air Supply: 200Nl/min/6bar
   - Protection: Protected against mechanical overload. Loadcells hermetically protected IP68
   - User-friendly: Easy to use, easy to clean

Software: Marelec G1



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